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AimPoint Express is the World's #1 Green Reading System

Edmund is an AimPoint Certified Instructor.  He delivers expert AimPoint Express Green Reading Instruction at the Orchid Country Club in Singapore.

If you are serious about lowering your golf scores, then the AimPoint Express Green Reading session is exactly what your game needs.  AimPoint Express Green Reading session will teach you how to accurately read putts.  AimPoint Express provides golfers a complete solution to improve key putting performance elements.  Join the growing trend of tour players, amateurs and juniors all over the world that have turned to AimPoint Express as their solution to read greens more effectively and lower the amount of putts taken per round.  


AimPoint Express Green Reading sessions will teach you how to accurately predict the break on any putting green anywhere in the world.  Imagine how much better you could putt if you learned the one aspect of putting which has been never taught - knowing exactly where to aim.  Stop guessing the amount of break to play and learn the keys in being able to use your feet and finger to indicate exactly where to aim.

AimPoint Express Green Reading Instruction Details

Don't just think of AimPoint Express as the #1 Green Reading system in the world.  This is a putting solution that integrates key performance elements such as read, speed and aim.  


The class will teach you to take the mystery out of green reading.  It will teach you that predicting the amount of break is actually rather simple once you learn a few key points.  After completing your green reading education, you will never guess on how much break to play.  Why? You will be armed to understand exactly what the golf ball responds to.

Your education simply starts as easy as one, two and three.

  1. We will teach you to become more connected to the green by using your feet to feel slope.  

  2. Our focus shifts to adjusting your arm and fingers to correctly determine where to aim.  

  3. Start hitting putts with the correct speed and line.  We will cover proven concepts to improve start direction and enhance your speed control.  

AimPoint Express Level 1 & 2 Clinics Curriculum:

  • Class Length: 2 hours

  • Small Class size to ensure each students properly learns AimPoint Express

  • Feeling Slope

  • Break Direction

  • Arm and Finger Calibration for AimPoints

  • Short Putts (3' to 6')

  • Medium Putts (6' to 20') plus longer putts and double breakers

  • Capture Speed



You can learn all about the World's #1 green reading system here at the Orchid Country Club in Singapore for as little as S$110.​

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