Sydnie wins EFG Singapore Junior Masters 2021 by a whopping 24 strokes!

In the competitive field, Sydnie wasn't the longest driver and in fact, probably one of the shortest ones. She also didn't have the sharpest wedge game and I know for a fact that she was one of the worst putters, always rolling the ball way too far. It hurts me a little when one day she asked "why Coach Edmund teach me until I'm in the last position?". But at the same time, I know this girl has something special, so special that me as a coach or whoever her coach is in the future will have to be very careful.

Sydnie is an absolute hardworking sponge. She absorbs instructions quickly and work hard on it diligently. If you tell her that she has a weakness, she will turn that into her strength within a month. Like my favourite childhood comic characters, the Super Saiyans, Sydnie hurts badly after loosing, but she bounces back stronger every single time. The recently concluded 2021 EFG Singapore Junior Masters is a great example where she outplayed a field of strong competitor by a large margin of 24 strokes!

Even though Sydnie may not make an immediate impact at any stage of her game, she probably will not be the rookie of the year, even though she is a late bloomer and that is perfectly OK. All these failures in the beginning will only motivate her, all these struggles in the beginning will only keep her obsessed. What she has above all is her very strong willpower, and of course a very supportive family.

Rest assure when she sets her eyes on you as her rival, she will beat you sooner or later, just because she wants to.

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