The Short-Shot Test

The short game is a great indicator of the full swing development. It is one of the principle methods many advance golfers use to find their swing flaws and return their off-form game back to on-form again. Using the short game to find swing defects works perfectly as it allows golfers instinctively feel micro timings, clubface angles, pressure points, path, rhythm, and tempo much easier than they could by doing a full swing. It is easier to narrow in on specifics in a shorter motion than a larger one.

Using this same success principle that many advance golfers employ, many years ago, I wondered how this concept would work with all levels of players that I teach in my golf lessons in Singapore. So I did an experiment with many new golfers, videotaping their full swing without any instruction, and I then proceeded to teach two short-game sessions only, focusing on the simple short-game foundation. Two lessons later we re-taped each student's full swing without the long-game instruction yet and we found that the swing improvements for each of those students was phenomenal. Some of the dynamic natural laws of motion made their way right into the automatic, full-action movement of these students. This allowed the body to develop its swing more naturally and athletically because it was first broken down into smaller parts for an efficient and tangible dissection.

This successful experiment has become an important foundation of my golf instruction and I would like to share these same principles in the next few series of post here to assist you in developing the techniques of your long game with these short-game absolutes. This proven information will surely create a more efficient and finally straightforward, uncomplicated way to accelerate your learning journey.

While it is true that to the eye there are many golfers with different-looking golf swings, close scrutiny shows that each of these golfers has important common denominators that cannot be refuted. The surprise to most is that all these common denominators are instinctively available to each of you.

Stay tuned to my next post.

Your #1 fan,

Coach Edmund

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