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Raise Your Game. 
You Can Be Your Own Golf Coach
I am going to take you through the in-depth thought process of a golf coach when analyzing a golf swing, a golf round statistics and everything else so that you can start being independent of your own golf game by coaching yourself anytime, anywhere. 
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A Good Coach Wants You to Self-Coach

The world of golf professionals, or coaches, seems to be an ever-changing, ever-growing industry, replete with “innovative” methods of training.  Many coaches who push these so-called new techniques promise unrealistic results, and stress the importance of dishing out your hard-earned cash. Now, there are good coaches out there—even great ones. But those genuinely helpful experts are tough to come by.

With the army of coaches at your disposal and an industry loosely, if at all, regulated, you may be better off taking matters into your own hands. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and neither do great coaches. What’s more, a great coach isn’t cheap. If you’ve decided that the juice isn’t worth the squeeze for you, let’s look at the steps you should take to be the best coach you can be for yourself.

Being your own coach doesn’t involve knowing everything. All it takes is a commitment to lifelong learning, with the goal of one day severing your dependence.

Many trainers and coaches have a dirty little secret: They want your dependence. Your reliance on them provides them with a repeat customer. Selling long-term packages, products, or other services guarantees a paycheck. They try to create an environment of full-service training, without the “burden” of educating you on the how and why of what they are doing.

Yes, every coach has bills to pay, but they also have the underlying responsibility to educate and pass on their wealth of knowledge so that their individual, group, or class can become independent. The coach must create an atmosphere where clients are engaged with the reasons, processes, and nuances of the program. This will subsequently elevate the client from trainee to self-learner to self-coach.

Who Needs a Coach?

At some point or another, everyone needs a coach. The first time you step into a facility to better your performance, health, or life in general, you are entering uncharted territory. Form, technique, programming, and other organic variables could all use a bit of instruction for the newbie. And regardless of experience level, if you’re the type who depends on others for every element of your training, then you may need a coach for a significant amount of time.

But if you have mastered the basics of training and its most fundamental principles, and you are ready to educate yourself to the next level, you can learn to coach yourself. Let’s define what steps you need to take to become your very own coach. This actionable list may seem rudimentary, but the steps are essential to build your initial foundation of knowledge and accountability.


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Start Helping Others The Right Way

Swing too fast and slow down your swing are a few of the common tips from an amateur golfer to another amateur golfer and that's why they forever stay as an amateur.  


There's nothing wrong helping out a friend at the golf course or at the range, but let's make your good intentions count by helping them with quality and accurate advice. 

How About Your Kid's Golf?

You as a parent definitely have the best intentions for your kids. But when you see them hit a bad shot or play a bad round, you can't help it but to feel bad and frustrated. You try to help but it doesn't work and ended up in an argument. 


What if you can really help with your new found skills? Will your kid love golf more? Will your kid be a better golfer, or even start winning championships? Knowing this is your parent & child team effort, how much is the worth to you? 

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Weeks Online Coaching Over Zoom

Detailed Game Analysis

Dive deep into each game statistics and swing video analysis and start developing the eyes and knowledge to start being able to be critical and to spot the slightest mistakes. 

Hot Seat Coaching

Submit your swing videos during your play or practice, describe the struggles you're facing to get on the Hot Seat every week. 

Learn From Others

If you're not in the Hot Seat for the week, you are able to learn from other golfers' mistakes. The more swing you can see the faster you can spot for swing flaws.  

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Breakout Rooms

Its good to watch, but you learn by actually implementing. Everyone will get a chance to go into individual breakout rooms of 4 golfers and start analyzing each other's golf swing. 

Exclusive Facebook Group

Group together with like minded golfers and talked about golf all day long.  Struggle with your game and seeking for answers?  Here's the community that is ever ready to help. 

Telegram Channel

Like a golf coach in your pocket. Seek for advice wherever you are.  You could be struggling at the golf course right now and need an answer!

What Will You Be?
An Independent Golfer

The number one reason why you're not improving despite taking all those lessons is you're too dependent on your coach.  A good coach can give you the best instruction, heck we would even play the game for you if we could...


But that's not how it works... So start taking accountability of your own golf game.

Trained Eye Spotting The Slightest Mistakes

To my surprise, my golf game became better as a coach than I was as a player, despite having less playing time. I soon realized it is because I started seeing so many different golf swings and had to be creative to help each and every different swings from my students.

That changed me as a player as I became more knowledgeable, more open-minded, more creative, and most importantly to be more accurate in making every correction in my game, instead of going through trial-and-error.

Never Blow Another Round Again

Way too often you’ve played so badly that you just can’t do anything even if your life is depending on it. You're already in the middle of war and the best you can do now is to wait till your next appointment, explain to your coach, work on it for an hour and feel good.


Only to lose it all and the same cycle continues... Now you're thinking... Only if you could coach yourself in the golf course... 

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The idea of BYOGC came to me during the Covid-19 pandemic when the world is under lockdown.  Offices are closed, shops are being shut, and the nightmare came to me when golf courses are not able to operate as well...


Online is the way to go and I know that.  But how can I teach golf online, I asked myself?  What's the point teaching online when golfers can't go to the golf course?  Is swinging at home really beneficial?  I couldn't get pass myself charging money for that...


But that didn't stop me from brainstorming.  I think hard about how can I teach golf online and still give you a permanent impact on your golf game, rather than a temporary one.  


Let's face it.  Even if the world goes back to normal, you will still not have the time to practice.  You could be busier at work, making up for lost times... So what can I do to make an impact?


If you can't come to a coach for whatever reasons, what if I can make you a golf coach?  Not as a career, but at least a coach for yourself?  You can take your own videos, you can identify your own mistakes accurately, you can prescribe your own correction drills, and you can self correct immediately on the golf course. Would that make an impact on your golf game?  


Edmund Tan

Member of Singapore & Malaysia PGA

Certified TPI & AimPoint Golf Instructor

Edmund Tan
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Bi-Weekly Zoom coaching call will be on Tuesday evening, starting at 9pm.  Please put aside at least 2 hours of your time for this coaching call.

To give you the skillset as good as a golf coach to be able to identify mistakes, analyze the swing and prescribe the correction drill. 

To give you access to an exclusive membership portal and Facebook group where all the coaching recordings will be stored.  

To provide ongoing additional coaching through Telegram channel where you can seek help from me at anytime and anywhere. 

Show up in every coaching calls for your maximum benefits.

Participate during the coaching calls by submitting your swing videos or round statistics for Hot Seat Coaching. 

Be open to sharing your thoughts and analysis during the team breakout rooms.  You will be getting the opportunity to see and analyze many different swings which forces you to be more creative correcting a swing.

When you have more knowledge in the technical side and at the same time having a more creative thinking, you are on your way to be a great golf coach. 

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You can't fix what your can't see.

That is why at the weekly coaching calls, you will be able to dive deep into analyzing a golf round and a golf swing.  You will be able to draw ideas from other golfers' game and incorporate it into yours and get creative.  Instead of me working on your golf swings, I now get to work on your eyes and your mind and giving you a tonne of knowledge into dissecting a golf game.

Isn't that the root of all problems?

If all this did was to be able for you to fix your own game in the middle of the golf round, when nobody else could.  You will never have a blow up hole or a disaster round ever again...

Would that be worth it?